The Global Steering Committee for the Alliance for Zero Extinction is comprised of the following members:

Mike Parr, American Bird Conservancy

Tom Brooks, IUCN

Stuart Butchart, BirdLife International

Russ Mittermeier, Global Wildlife Conservation

Nick Holmes, Island Conservation

Gláucia Drummond, Fundação Biodiversitas

Sanjay Molur, Zoo Outreach Organization

Constantino Aucca Chutas, Asociación Ecosistemas Andinos

Dr. Harriet Davies-Mostert, Endangered Wildlife Trust

Olivier Langrand, CEPF

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Include AZE sites within your national government conservation strategies

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Help conservation efforts through submitting site updates and nomination

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Protect sites independently or in collaboration with other organizations

Conservation resources

Individual contributors

Give your support to individual AZE partner organizations around the world

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Bale Mountains. Photo: stefancek