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The Alliance for Zero Extinction (AZE) aims to prevent extinctions by identifying and safeguarding key sites, each one of which is the last remaining refuge of one or more Endangered or Critically Endangered species.

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AZE uses the following criteria to identify priority sites. An AZE site must meet all three criteria to qualify. For more information, see our page on applying AZE criteria.

1. Endangerment

An AZE site must contain at least one Endangered (EN) or Critically Endangered (CR) species, as assessed on the IUCN Red List.

2. Irreplaceability

An AZE site should only be designated if it is the sole area where an EN or CR species occurs, contains the overwhelmingly significant known resident population (>95%) of the EN or CR species, or contains the overwhelmingly significant known population (>95%) for one life history segment (e.g. breeding or wintering) of the EN or CR species.

3. Discreteness

The area must have a definable boundary within which the character of habitats, biological communities, and/or management issues have more in common with each other than they do with those in adjacent areas.

These criteria are the equivalent of Key Biodiversity Area (KBA) criterion A1e: Site regularly holds effectively the entire global population size of a Critically Endangered or Endangered species. Therefore, all AZE sites are also KBAs. Click for more information

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